ASARO Collective Print Exhibition at two venues in Bristol

Don’t miss this, it will be amazing!

Maria Galvez in Year 1 kindly helped with translation of the slogans/captions for the exhibition:

Asaro Collective of Oaxaca Print Exhibition, 19th – 23rd October 2016 at Hamilton House.

There will be an opening night on Wednesday 19th October at 6.30pm.


An Exhibition of Asaro -The Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca
Presenting works from Kiptik artists (Bristol’s Zapatista solidarity Group)
Supported by PRSC
15th – 31st  October 2016 at the Bearpit, Bristol
An outdoor exhibition of the print works from Asaro, Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca Along with Murals from Bristol’s Zapatista’s solidarity group, Kiptik. Bringing the messages of community, resistance and hope from struggles of Mexico to the heart of Bristol.

ASARO is a contemporary Mexican collective formed during the 2006 uprising in Oaxaca. For the last 10 years, they have used large scale lino and wood cut prints as means of engaging with their local political and social struggles. They also train up young people from different backgrounds to become engaged artists.

Kiptik is a Bristol based solidarity group who have been working on a series of projects in the autonomous communities of Chiapas in South East of Mexico since May 2000.The aim of Kiptik is to support the Zapatista struggle directly through the construction of drinking water systems ,ecological stoves, health and mural projects.

Here is the facebook event for Bearpit exhibition:

Plus a night of Films and talk with Kiptik members:
27th October at Cafe Kino 7-9pm

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