Rachel Marsh’s letterpress printed cover design for Jeremy Dixon’s new poetry collection – A Voice Coming from Then

MAMDP student Rachel Marsh was commissioned to create a letterpress printed original to be used as the cover design of a new book of poetry by Jeremy Dixon, published by Arachne Press this month.

Jeremy has exhibited his Hazard Press artists’ books here at UWE, and runs a CPD summer school for us each year.

From the Arachne Press website, where you can also listen to ‘Casting the Runes’ a poem (narrated by Nigel Pilkington from the audio book version) from A Voice Coming from Then, the first full collection by Jeremy Dixon: ‘My first full poetry collection A VOICE COMING FROM THEN (published by Arachne Press) starts with my teenage suicide attempt and expands to encompass themes of bullying, queerphobia, acceptance and support. In one of those unplanned cosmic coincidences that you just couldn’t make up, we actually recorded the audiobook on the 42nd anniversary of that suicide attempt. So, for me, lockdown recording was very emotional before we even started and then the beautiful and varied ways in which Nige was able to read my work only added to making this one of the most memorable events of my writing career.’

And a great cover too: