The Sketchbook and the Collider: Collision Event – Ian Andrews, talk Tuesday 23rd July, 1pm

A free talk by visiting artist Ian Andrews, on Tuesday 23rd July, 1pm, open to all MAMDP students, staff and alumni:

CFPR Seminar Group Meeting – 1 – 1.30pm, Tuesday, 23rd July, room 2B17, Bower Ashton

The Sketchbook and the Collider: Collision Event – Ian Andrews

From his show at the Library of Birmingham: This exhibition is the second in a series of collaborations between artist Ian Andrews and particle physicist Prof. Kostas Nikolopoulos. Despite obvious differences, the specialisms of fine art and particle physics are both concerned with making the invisible visible. Scientific developments have seen the ‘everyday’ dissolve into sub-atomic interactions only accessible by examining traces left in an enabling medium in a detector. A process mirrored by the artist expressing ideas and emotions through marks made and materials manipulated. The exhibition compares and contrasts the material cultures surrounding the two disciplines and focuses on a piece of essential equipment in each case, the sketchbook and the most advanced form of detector, the particle collider.

The sketchbook and the collider are arenas where different elements are brought together, sometimes violently! They both involve ‘active processes’ that create and examine the visible traces of hidden interactions to determine if something significant has happened to change the way we understand the world around us.

You can see some of Ian Andrews’ work, including pieces from the Sketchbook and the Collider, here and learn more about the CERN supercollider here and here.