Gwalia Gazette published for World Book Night 2019

Mainpage feature image, letterpress print by Gen Harrison

A group of MAMDP students, staff and alumni joined up with World Book Night United Artists again this year to produce an artist’s book and video to launch on 23rd April 2019.

WBN United Artists responded to Under Milk Wood: a play for voices, by Dylan Thomas for World Book Night 2019. We asked readers to select their favourite 10 words from the text and send them to us.


LEFT: Wrestlers rubber stamp by Stephen Fowler

We used these words to build stories, poems, news items etc. for the Gwalia Gazette, a collaborative local news-sheet coordinated by MAMDP alumna Linda Parr.

MAMDP contributors to the project: Guy Begbie, Kate Bernstein, Csilla Biro, Sarah Bodman, Chrystal Cherniwchan, Stephen Fowler, Hazel Grainger, Gen Harrison, Elaine Knight, Linda Parr, Zelda Velika, Cathey Webb, Corinne Welch. Angie Butler is printing the Gwalia Gazette on her Vandercook, and Cath Fairgreave met us for a day in Laugharne to provide some background info.

You can download a free pdf of the Gwalia Gazette and watch our annual video for World Book Night, 23rd April 2019 here.