Catherine Cartwright – “Making Peace” at The National Memorial Arboretum

Catherine is coming to the end of her residency at the National Memorial Arboretum.
“I have made two new works in response to my residency at the National Memorial Arboretum, Lichfield, UK. They will be exhibited there from 14th Nov – 3rd March 2019 as part of “Making Peace” which includes the work by the three other resident artists.
“Two Minute Memorial”  is inspired by the two-minute silence that takes place daily at the NMA, this work reflects on how time expands as we are present in the moment, and explores an alternative ‘memorial’ of paper, ink and watercolour paint. It is a large scale installation of 120 monoprint-watercolours measuring 113 x 230 cm. 
“Listening for Peace and Reconciliation” is an embroidery-placard. The many hundreds of stitches laboriously hand sewn, reflect on the time and effort needed to make peace. The words are about the significance of listening, and emphasise its central role on the path to reconciliation.