Bristol Print Collective featured in Pressing Matters magazine


A superb, eight-page feature on the Bristol Print Collective (Jemma, Lisa and Vicky) is in the new issue of Pressing Matters magazine:

From the Pressing Matters website: We’re thrilled to have pieces about some of our printmaking heroes (see list below) in our third issue. We’ve been very lucky to have some great contributions from around the world of printmaking – if there’s some common ground to be found here, it’s in making art from the everyday, taking something and elevating it through the medium of print. Through these inspiring stories of creative endeavour and experimentation, it’s pretty clear that you get out what you put in. With some printmaking ‘household names’ featured alongside some wonderful artists and creatives from all over the world – letterpress record covers, linocut skaters, DIY studio set ups, we’ve got it all… It’s a real corker!

Format: 100 page perfect bound publication
Size: 210mm x 280mm

Issue Three features:

Bordeaux Montaigne University

Bristol Print Collective

Anthony Burrill


Christopher Coltzau

Lucienne Day

Hannah Forward

Chris Gilbert

Lois O’Hara

Studio Käse

Michael Van Kekem

Dave Lefner

Angie Lewin

Delita Martin

Jeb Loy Nichols

Dimitri Runkkari

Gregory Santos

Rachel Shelton

David Shrigley

Clare Somerville-Perkins

Loren Tyler

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