Congratulations to Dr Davina Kirkpatrick on her 3D3 Fellowship award

MAMDP alumna Davina Kirkpatrick has been awarded a 3D3 Fellowship (one of nine) starting in January 2018. 

Immersive Environments and Serious Play: New Initiatives for Patient-Practitioner Interaction at Plymouth University, Arts Institute Plymouth, Partnered with Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHNHST). Davina will be mentored by Dr Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley and Dr Sam Regan de Bere in Plymouth.

With support from the Arts Institute, this cluster focuses upon the way in which strategies drawn from the creative industries might support the development of improved clinician / patient encounters with the potential to encourage significant cost savings and improvements in productivity. Through bringing together the skill-sets available within the Peninsula Medical School, and the research interests from across the Arts Institute, we hope to question how patients might ‘perform’ their ‘role’ in a bid to gain a better sense of agency in clinical exchanges.

More information about the project can be found here.

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