Impact 10 International Printmaking Conference – Santander, Spain

Encuentro / Encounter will be held in Santander, Spain from 1st – 9th September 2018 (for exhibitions in the run up to the main conference event). Several actions, exhibitions and events will take place during this time, and Impact 10 invites you to come to Santander to participate and enjoy all the events.

Impact 10 Conference will be held in Santander Spain, from Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th September 2018.

Submissions for papers, exhibitions, open portfolio etc. are open until 30th November 2017

If you wish to submit a proposal for a Paper, Exhibition, Presentation or Demonstration under one of the Topics then read on…

There is no limit on how many proposals can be made – but a separate submission must be made for each one. For example, if you wish to submit an academic paper, an exhibition and a demonstration then three separate submissions must be completed.

For more detailed information, please follow the links to each separate event. You will find all the information that you will need there. Please refer to the brief guidelines under the appropriate section at:  Impact call for submissions

All delegates and participants in the IMPACT 10 conference must register and pay a conference fee in order to attend or take part as lecturer, exhibitor, demonstrator, audience, etc. For students this is currently:

Super Early Bird conference fee booked from April 1st to September 30th 2017. Electronic device included 225 Euros. Electronic device not included 185 Euros

Early Bird conference fee booked from October 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018. Electronic device included 275 Euros. Electronic device not included 235 Euros

Standard conference fee booked after April 1st, 2018. Electronic device included 325 Euros. Electronic device not included 285 Euros*

Anyone who wants to go it would be wise to register sooner so it is less expensive. If you present something you could try applying for funding travel etc. with arts organisations such as a-n or the UWE Santander bursaries if the time fits, so keep an eye out for those from this September.

Bearing in mind the cost of going, we will do a kickstarter or similar to raise some funds towards costs from the autumn.

The good news is that we have already raised £700 for the pot from a UWE sponsored set of  prints that we framed for a local business. That gets the ball rolling but we would love to raise £2000 to help those who want to go with some of their costs, depending on how many are going, we’ll see how fairly we can allocate whatever we manage to bring in.

If you are thinking of going, you could put in a proposal for a paper, demo, exhibition, open portfolio (bear in mind that exhibitions need to be installed earlier and taken down on the Sunday). You still have to pay the registration fee whether you present or not. The main conference is Thurs-Sat, most delegates will arrive Weds when it is mainly registration and opening drinks. Proposals must be sent in English and Spanish (we can help with that) but all presentations are in English.

You can find the call here:

*As an environmentally friendly organisation all published information will be digital. Impact 10 will provide you an electronic device with all the information uploaded if required.


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