Congratulations – Dr Davina Kirkpatrick!

MAMDP alumna Davina Kirkpatrick celebrated her PhD graduation ceremony at Bristol Cathedral today.

Thesis title: Grief and loss; living with the presence of absence.  A practice-based study of personal grief narratives and participatory projects.

From the abstract: The thesis develops work started on the MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking. It addresses the question – Can personal grief narratives explored through contemporary arts practice, auto-ethnographic writing, and the participatory performative act of making and being in specific places result in access into the potentially, restorative space of mourning; moving between what continues to exist and what is missing in the physical world? This questions the Western societal idea of ‘getting over’ grief and presents an alternative model of walking with and alongside loss as well as providing opportunities for conversations and ‘metalogues’, following Bateson (1972).

An investigation follows, through a phenonmenological methodology of repetition, into the functions of articulating loss and absence through stories that explore personal grief narratives, through contemporary arts practice and the participatory creative enacting of rituals in specific places which involve the interweaving of people, objects, place and story, so as to externalise emotion through creative activity to match the void of absence.

You can read Davina’s complete Doctoral thesis online at:

Congratulations Davina!



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