Meridian Stone Project: exhibition at Street Road, USA

Last year Catherine Cartwright collaborated with artist Kaori Homma for her Meridian Stone Project. This is currently on show at Street Road Artist’s Space in western Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA.

“In late Spring last year I was mailed a stone with the longitudinal coordinates 0º0’0. The proposition was:

The Prime Meridian is set in Greenwich, in the United Kingdom, and indicates where the West begins and the East ends. You are given this transportable version. Place it at a meaningful point.
What are you thinking about?

Other artists responded in both images and words, creating personal meditations on place. Participants, include Haruka Komori, Natsumi Seo, and Syo Yoshihama, Kaya, Hanasaki,Nahyun Park, Pam Brabants, Iain Cotton, Ken McLaughlin and Kaori Homma, Emily Artinian, Catherine Cartwright, Ema Chang, Showzoo Tsai, Odira Umuziranenge, Zijie Yang, Shorsh Saleh,  Mariwan Jalal.”

Catherine’s is the 9th in from left on image above.

Read more on Catherine’s blog at:

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