Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here – Sydney, with Catherine Cartwright

Catherine Cartwright is organising a reading event with Modelab at 2pm on Sunday 5th March at Yaranabbe Park in Sydney, Australia.

In collaboration with artist Catherine Cartwright, Modelab invites you to an Arabic poetry and literature reading at Yarranabbe Park, where the 320m length of al-Mutanabbi Street will be laid out and walked through by the participants. We selected this location because of its dimensions and proximity to a body of water, exactly as the al-Mutanabbi street lays next to the Tigris river. More information here:

This event is one of 36 taking place around the world, from Paris to San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, Newcastle, Washington D.C., Berlin, Quebec and at the historic Shabandar Cafe on al-Mutanabbi street on or around 5th March which marks the 10th Anniversary of the bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street, the street of booksellers in Baghdad.

Our Bristol event was held at The Island today, 4th March. Thanks to Tina Backhouse for the photograph, and special thanks to Ama Bolton, Lilla Duignan and Angie Butler for readings.


For a complete list of readings see:


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