Leonie Bradley presenting at SGCI Printmaking Conference in Atlanta

Leonie has been invited to present as part of a panel on British printmakers for the 2017 Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) Conference in Atlanta in March.

Before Atlanta, there was “Terminus”. In 1837, a stake marking the founding of Terminus was driven into the ground, called the Zero Mile Post, which was the nexus of the Western and Atlantic Railroad. This became the point from which the city of Atlanta emerged. As a transportation hub, the rail lines became symbolic of paths taken or traveled and their intersections became connecting points of opportunity.

The 2017 SGCI Conference in Atlanta will showcase the rich printmaking community in our area and celebrate its long history. The conference will focus on the duality of the terminal point as a place for arrivals and departures, beginnings and endings. Our railroad history serves as a metaphor for the timeline of printmaking traditions; traversing enduring classicism and bringing us to our current location with broadly expanded practices. Terminus will nurture critical discourse on the historic and future relevance of printmaking, technical innovations, and the ability to engage with contemporary issues and social change.

More info about the conference here: https://sgcinternational.org/conference/2017-atlanta/

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