Frea Buckler – Dazzled – new edition with Smithson Gallery

Frea Buckler, MAMDP alumna

Dazzled | A new series | Smithson Gallery
“After great feedback for my largest improvised screenprint, Beam, on show with Smithson Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair, I began a new series called Dazzled. Working on beautiful 90 x 90 cm pieces of Somerset Satin paper, with not so much of a plan except an idea of colours and shapes is both nerve wracking and extremely exciting. As I work I navigate a space between chaos and control, using my intuition to build up a shape of colours that is abstract but hints at the possibility of being something. Dazzled has sold but 2, 3 and 4 are available with Smithson Gallery. You can see my full collection of one off screenprints with Smithson here.”

Dazzled 2 (pictured above) 3 and 4
Unique Screenprints
10 colours on Somerset Satin, 400gsm paper
90 x 90 cm

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