Elena Zeppou in Eat That Art exhibition, Bansko, Bulgaria

ArtNoise artistic platform presents an exhibition focusing on gastronomy and wine from November until January 2017 in Bansko, Bulgaria. The exhibition is at the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort, along with the 5th Gastronomy Festival. The  exhibition is named “Eat that Art” and guests can visit it in the lobby of Premier, in Dionyssos Restaurant and in the corridor towards the Spa and Amvrosia Restaurant. The exhibition presents paintings and one-of-a-kind works of art made with different and unique techniques that are all accompanied by captions containing the artists’ details. The artists participating in this exhibition are: Maria Papatzelou, Katerina Tsitsela, Giorgos Koftis, Rolana Ceckauskaite, Terzis Nikos, Dimitris Karlaftopoulos, Lila Agrafioti, Stefanos Daskalakis, Elena Zeppou, Kostis Spanopoulos and Zoi Antoniadi.


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