John Lynch alumnus exhibits in a new gallery, Hungerford, November 2016

Image above: One hit wonder 2016 John Joseph Lynch, Woodcut Print, 65.5 x 53.4cm

3/11/16 Impact Prints – Shotgun fire exhibits in the boiler room at Oil Gallery

Lynch + Patmore are developing a body of work which focuses on the use of immediate impact to a surface for the creation of original prints.

The work is created from shuttering ply sheets that has been blasted by a double barrelled shotgun. Each Print utilises both sides of the same block; showing the entry of the shot, a cluster of small holes and the exit, a gaping wound in florescent.

The colours used are bright and playful and utilise the transparency of the ink whilst the print methods explores the physicality of the surface of the block through both intaglio and relief methods. They Portray the visceral nature of print and the harsh impact of the shotgun blast.

The selected shotgun prints consist of a large Diptych and some smaller works. There are no editions just the original woodcut prints.

In the main room, opening on 03/11/16, Oil will show new works by Christopher Luigi (Italy), JK Brown (Wales), Matthew Broussard (Texas) & JJ Lynch/Patmore (UK) New arrivals to the gallery include Lewie (UK) and Yuta Adachi (Japan).

5A Bridge Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EH, UK.

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