Publication – Students who have looked through the eyes of machines…

News from Paul, who curated this exhibition project:

The digital version of the Looking through the eyes of machines as students publication is now available to view on issuu. The publication includes work from fifteen selected students across three different Graphic Arts based programmes in Art and Design at UWE (University of the West of England, Bristol, UK) and sixteen students from the BFA Printmaking course at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA). Further information on the project brief and exhibition of the printed artworks can be found in previous posts, such as; Look through the eyes of machines as studentsA Bristol Baltimore Print Exchange and Gallery Twenty Two.

The publication also includes fifteen interviews with students from UWE’s BA Illustration, BA Graphic Design and MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking programmes. These students were asked a series of questions about their relationship with making, disciplinarity and the impact of technological developments on practice. I have also attempted to elaborate on these themes (as requested from one of the participating students) with a short essay on the final pages of the publication.

The publication is effectively a tangible summary of the student exchange project with MICA, although the outcome provides a benchmark from which future (like minded) activities, opportunities and connections can develop. In this instance the project enabled students to test and develop new process led skills & thinking, connect with other courses in UWE, contribute to a published outcome and exhibit their work in a professional public setting and an international university venue. The project also provided a crossover with my own research activity in the field of print, editions and new technology whilst fostering possible ideas toward a student centred publishing venture. More to follow on this… and yes there will be a printed publication.

Dr Paul Laidler.

Students who have looked through the eyes of machines.

Image above: Nick Greenglass print matrix photographed by P. Laidler

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