Bristol Print Collective at St. James’ Priory Fair

Bristol Print Collective are running a pop up printmaking stall at St James’ Priory Fair as part of Bristol Open Doors Day. Come and join us for a fun day of printing in the grounds of Bristol’s oldest building – St James Priory. An annual fair was held in this area between 1137 and 1837 and this Saturday 10th September St James Fair will open once more, over 170 years later!

In the spirit of medieval history we will be bringing a special series of hand carved lino stamps of gargoyles and symbols to make a coat of arms. Take home a hand printed flag for £5 or carve your own lino gargoyle or symbol for £10.

Also a fantastic chance to visit Bristol’s oldest building and find out more about the history through illustrated banners including some made by Bristol Print Collective member Vicky Willmott.

Open from 9am – 4.30pm, St James Priory grounds (near the bus station).

Illustration by Victoria Willmott.

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