Jemma Gunning – Artist-in-Residence exhibition at Bristol Record Office

Jemma has spent the past few months working with archival documents from the Bristol Record Office to support her research for her practice.

“Being new to Bristol my project began using physchogeography to explore the city and to start discovering the remnants of abandoned decaying buildings. A moment of serendipity occurred whilst wandering through the new Wapping Wharf development site. A curious dwelling caught my eye due to the monumental significant feeling it contained. I was captivated by the remaining fragments, the ramshackle bricks, the rickety window sockets, rotting façades, the repossession by Mother Nature and the overall fragility and vulnerability of the form. The physical incompleteness of the building, invited me into the decomposing formation, to explore it further. My curiosity encouraged me to pull back the metal fencing and investigate the internal casing. To my delight the inside of this moldering form contained just as much tension and enchantment as the outer shell. Through the viewings of old architect site maps my discoveries denote that this discarded spot used to be part of the New Gaol, an old prison dating back to the early nineteenth Century. I began with sketching possible compositions to later produce a series of intaglio prints from. These prints along with sketches and a selection of copper plates are now on display at the Record Office until September.”

See Jemma’s website for more info:

For Bristol Record Office opening hours visit:

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