Congratulations Aoife and Monika of Unit 10

Massive congratulations to Aoife and Monika of Unit 10 for organising the arts project for local homeless people in collaboration with St Mungo’s Bristol. This project involved many workshops and a lot of organising in order to provide a grand finale of a day of steam roller printing at the L shed of M Shed Bristol last Saturday with lots of lovely volunteers and participants from St Mungo’s Bristol.

The prints are currently on display at the Control Room and will be exhibited and auctioned to raise funds for St Mungo’s when Unit 10 moves to its new space.

Aoife and Monika have expressed their thanks to all the local organisations who donated materials, to Chris at M Shed, Leyton of Churngold + CP Hire for giving up his Saturday and bringing the giant steam roller to print with, and to all the participants and volunteers who helped: John Ford, Ben Goodman, Charlotte Biszewski, Jemma Gunning, Sophie Willoughby, Tony Lloyd and Jocelyn Wellby.

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