Call for volunteers!

This summer Unit 10 artists are getting together with St. Mungo’s for some Road Roller Printing action!  Throughout the month of June we will be creating a series of large-scale relief prints about the changing landscapes the people at St. Mungo’s have witnessed and their impressions of Bristol city.  This project is about transitions, thresholds, new possibilities and social engagement.

Participants from St.Mungo’s will each be given a 6ft x 3ft block of lino and asked to make work under the theme of their city.  Once the lino blocks are cut the pieces will be taken outside onto the street and printed using a 12 tonne Road Roller on the 2nd July at the LShed.  The finished prints will be exhibited in the Control Room afterwards.

To make this project a reality we need as many hands on as possible!  If you are interested in getting involved with this project in anyway please contact us at

The workshops will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays evenings, 6-8pm from Wednesday, 8th June until the Big Print Day on Saturday, 2nd July. The workshops will take place at St. Mungo’s, New Street, Bristol.

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