Sue Brown – Echoes in Enamel

Echoes in Enamel

Museum in the Park, Stroud: Echoes in Enamel is an Arts Council England funded collaborative project between the Museum and local artist Sue Brown (MAMDP alumna).

Sue works with vitreous enamel and printmaking and uses her work to tell stories. The Museum has stories in abundance, but is always looking for new ways to tell them and for innovative ways of allowing the public to engage with the collections. This project brings together these strands in to what we anticipate will be an extremely exciting project which spans the World War One commemoration period.

The project involves Sue delving deep in to the Museum’s collections, looking at artefacts and responding to stories to create new works of art in print and enamel which will allow visitors to the Museum to connect with the quirky, personal and often tragic stories of local men and women during the First World War. These works will be tactile and accessible on a different level to the Museum objects themselves, although displays will often feature the original artefacts alongside the new works.

Sue has taken the Museum’s own commemoration themes to guide her work. The theme for 2015 was Innovation and Technology and with this in mind Sue offered From the Kitchen to the Factory an installation which took its inspiration from the images of female munitions workers at T.H. & J. Daniels of Stroud as well as social history artefacts which are representative of home life during the early 20th century. The installation ran from 7th March and run until the end of April.

In 2016 Sue will be guided by the Museum’s theme of The World at War. For this installation Sue will be focussing on the story of Archie Clutterbuck and Dorothy Beard in an installation with the working title ‘A Double Tragedy Near Stroud’. This installation will be on display from 12th April – 5th June 2016.

For 2017-18 Sue will be looking at our theme of the Home Front as well as souvenirs, medals and the never-ending stream of correspondence to and from the front-lines. More information on this part of the project will appear here as and when it becomes available.

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