New project: Looking through the eyes of machines as students

International Student Exchange Exhibition

Organised by Paul Laidler

In January 2016 fifteen UWE Art and Design students were selected from Graphic Art disciplines to contribute to an international student exchange exhibition with Maryland Institute College of Art, (MICA) Baltimore USA. The exchange exhibition was developed as part of a touring exhibition (of US Universities between 2015 & 2017) entitled Just Press Print that is currently on show at MICA. The Just Press Print exhibition at MICA runs parallel to a new 16-week course entitled Print and Technology taught by MICA faculty lecturers Johnathan Thomas and Robert Tillman. The class will examine how technology has expanded conceptual and procedural possibilities for making prints. The work generated by the MICA students during the Print and Technology class will be used to produce a printed edition for the student exchange portfolio with UWE and will be exhibited in both Bristol and in Baltimore.

Read more about the project on Paul’s blog. Image here is of Jono’s Pinball layered digital print, you can watch a  video of it in all its glorious action here.


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