New Boundaries in Contemporary Print ‘Space to Place’


New Boundaries in Contemporary Print
‘Space to Place’

Embassy Tea Gallery
195-205 Union Street
London SE1 0PB

Drinks Reception: Thursday, 1 October, 6-9pm

Exhibition runs: 29 September – 4 October
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm

Space to Place presents a series of projects exploring the fundamental concept of place through diverse print processes. The exhibited work explores the transition from the cosmos to our place on earth, and how we create spaces around ourselves for security, reality and imagination.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional and contemporary printmaking, new processes and materials are combined to create exciting hybrid and 3D pieces.

To view the blog leading up to the exhibition, please visit:

Exhibiting artists: Charlotte Biszewski, Caroline Case, Stuart Cannell, Sarah Duncan, Bernard Fairhurst, John Ford, Lucy Guenot, Catherine Ingram, Emily Ketteringham, Joanna Knight, Anthony Lloyd, Emily Lucas, David Parsons, Petra Regent (British Institution Award 2015), Monika Rycerz and Teresa Searle.

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