Emily Lucas in FloatArt London 2015


FloatArt London 2015.
Showcasing the work of over 60 new art graduates from universities
and art colleges from across the country. The work on show has been
selected from across a wide range of disciplines, from painting to
sculpture to photography to installation to film and performances.
FloatArt London is an educational platform for graduate artists. The
annual event provides the artists with valuable advice and support for
their personal, educational and professional development through a
programme of talks and seminars delivered by experienced artists and
successful business people.
The exhibition, which is free and open to the public, promotes these
new graduates and their work, allowing them to receive a huge
amount of exposure at the very beginning of their careers.
Throughout the exhibition, the featured artists will be eligible to win the
FloatArt London prize, which is decided through a public vote. The
winner receives the FloatArt London 2015 award and £3000 towards
their future career.
FloatArt London was founded in 2013 by Dr Anand Saggar and Davide
Mengoli. The platform supports new graduate artists as they make the
difficult transition between art college and the professional art world.


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