Imprimatur: Unbinding the Book – London Launch

The launch of this project is at Shoreditch Studios on Wednesday 16th April at 6:30pm. Speakers include Alida Rosie Sayer, artist and consultant to the Marsden Woo Gallery; Matthias Hüber, Designer of Fully Booked: Cover Art and Design for Books; and James Cuddy & Roma Levin from Six: Thirty Studio and creators of Collate: An experiment of collaborative publishing at the V&A. Food and drink will be provided.

You can reserve free tickets here:

The event will also officially announce the opening of submissions, where artists and designers can submit their proposal for inclusion in the project. Those artists selected will work closely with Blurb and Jotta to create original works for exhibition in London in September. The Imprimatur exhibition will then tour throughout Europe and North America. Successful applicants will receive an artist fee of $1,000 to participate, in addition to production costs, documentation and publicity around the exhibition.

If you would like more information about the project, please visit:, you can submit proposals now, it is free, closing date: 16th May 2014

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