Everything and More – Theo Wood

link – OSR Projects

Jethro Brice – Megan Calver – Simon Lee Dicker – Sue Palmer – Chantelle Henocq – Harry Lawson – Hannah Still – Gabriel Stones – Theo Wood

Church Street
West Coker
Somerset BA22 9BD
United Kingdom


15-30 September

Wed – Sat 11am – 6pm • Sunday 11am – 4pm

Private view: 27. Sep, 6 – 9pm
With a sense of detachment from the notion of the artist’s studio as romantic atelier, Everything and More presents a collision of ideas, images, objects, live work and creative detritus left behind by the latest incarnation of the transitional artist group OSR Projects.

Attempting to avoid autocracy, the curatorial structure initiated by Simon Lee Dicker began by inviting two artists to participate, who in turn invited others. Although this orderly ‘paper chain’ construction loosened and changed, the initial aspiration to encourage joint curatorial decision making through artist dialogue stayed true.

Everything & More, the antithesis of commercially-orientated open studios, seeks to avoid staging the process of making products, and instead revolves around the fragmented and transient processes of production which supports, and becomes, the artist’s practice. The exhibition includes work that looks at the ‘unresolved’ and ‘unfinished’ as the subject itself, and presents work in progress, failed work and the detritus that surrounds creative production. These works all respond to this notion of ‘in process’: the incomplete, the insurmountable, work that never quite worked out, buried at the back of a workspace for years, while others deliberately work with the unfinishable – work continually in flux.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by Alighiero e Boetti’s, Tutto (Everything), a series of embroideries dating from the late 1980s that “ … make a nonsense of the practice of discordant juxtaposition because they gather too many different kinds of images for any readings of particular juxtapositions to be tenable” 1

Individual works intertwine, repel and attract, creating a complex multifaceted installation that forces conversations between the component parts. The voice of the solitary author recedes, allowing connections to be made and facets of the creative process that usually remain hidden to be revealed.